Fuel all your Adventures with the Above14000ft range of Pre-cooked and Dehydrated Indian Foods

Why Dehydrated Food?

Food and Fuel make up upwards of 40% of the weight in your backpack on a multi-day trip. Above 14000ft Provisions is a by product of our own experiences of being in the outdoors and hauling pressure cookers to 5000m high base camps for the last 20 years in the Himalayas.

We make dehydrated food that is nutritious, energy packed and fulfilling. It is the same as if you had a full kitchen but at a fraction of the weight and fuel expenditure.

Provisions is our offering to make sure, food is one lesser thing you need to worry about while you're out pursuing your adventures.

Why Us?

Above 14000ft has operated adventures in the Himalayas and beyond for the last 20 years. We have climbed with world-renowned Alpinists and travelled with the nomads of the Changthang.

We know how many variables it takes to make a successful adventure and we also know how big a role a good meal can have in lifting spirits.

Above 14000ft Provisions is us trying to make our lives simpler and enabling ourselves to explore further and faster than we thought possible. Food is one cog in the wheel. Join us on the journey as we explore the rest.