Above 14000ft Provisions

About Us

Why we do What we do.


Our Story

Above 14000ft has run adventures in the Himalayas and beyond for the last 20 years. We have climbed with world-renowned Alpinists and lounged with the nomads of the Changthang.

Through this journey, food and nutrition have of course played a very important role, mostly in keeping us alive and kicking.

The Himalayas have a tradition of bringing pack animals and porters on long multi-day adventures - we have kitchen tents, cooks, helpers and lavish spreads at altitudes which would make the mind boggle.

While these luxuries have made the outdoors much more accessible to wide variety of people it has also limited the terrain and how light and fast one can go in the mountains.

We have used lightweight, compact, nutrient dense foods on our adventures - but they all had to be imported from abroad and tasted bland to palates used to Indian flavours.

Above 14000ft Provisions is our attempt to bring nutritious, lightweight, vegetarian, hygienic and filling food to an Indian audience and anyone else more attuned to the joy that spices bring to life.

Our Vision

Above 14000ft Provisions came out of our own experience of being in the outdoors for the last 3 decades.

We want to provide meals that are

Accessible - Food specially formulated for the outdoors and high altitude made for and available in India.

Lightweight - Food and Fuel make more than 40% of the weight in a rucksack. We reduce that drastically cut the weight by 60% by just removing all the water in cooked food.

Affordable - Filling meals for less than 3$ a portion.

Nutrient Dense - Formulated in consultation with nutritionists and guides who have spent decades in the outdoors.

Energy Efficient - Our meals take a fraction of time and fuel to cook compared to traditional meals because our food is already cooked.

Hygienic - Pre-packaged food prepared in state of the art facilities. Your body doesn't need the added stress of dubious outdoor cooking practices.

Flavourful - Food spiced just right, to keep your spirits high during your adventure. We made sure excessive spices aren't used in lieu of preservatives. We took out extra spices, preservatives and water too!


Our Other Ventures

Mountaineering Summit

With over 20 years of backcountry trekking, climbing, mountaineering, ski touring, ski mountaineering, cycling, paragliding, wildlife and birding experience in India - outdoors and adventure is a way of life and the Himalayas, our backyard. We specialise in organising a whole range of small group adventure journeys for the traveller in you.

Paragliding Touching Cloud Base

Distributors and sellers of quality Paragliding gear for NOVA, Little Cloud and PHI-Air range of Paragliding gear in India.

We research the best brands to offer you a good choice of paragliding gear available on the market.

Forktail Villa

A beautiful mud house in Dharamshala - it is  a unique boutique property which is a combination of traditional architecture and modern comforts. It is fully equipped and offers full privacy in the comfort of a warm home. The home is in the middle of a small village and is surrounded by trees, flowers, and butterflies.